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Why Corn Snakes?

Corn snakes are among the most popular of all pet reptiles. Their docile nature and ease of care make them the perfect pet for any reptile enthusiast.

Corn Snakes Are Inexpensive

Corn snakes, as well as most reptiles in general, are relatively inexpensive. Corns can be purchased on the cheap end at around $20 - $40 from various locations including local reptile breeders, pet shops, newspaper ads, online shopping, etc. A corn snake habitat is most easily created using an appropriate-sized aquarium that is best purchased new from a pet store or used through a classified ad. Make sure the aquarium has a good lid made to prevent reptiles from escaping. The basics to place in a snake cage include some kind of substrate, a water bowl, a place to hide, etc. These are all acquired inexpensively. Depending on your situation, you may need to get some form of heating system so your reptile can properly digest food. This may be in the form of a heat mat, heat tape, a lamp, etc.

Docile Nature

When handled properly, corn snakes are rarely aggressive. Other types of animals, even other breeds of snakes, are more likely to be less-friendly.

Ease of Care

Once you have created the initial setup for you corn snake to live in, the care of a corn snake becomes relatively simple. Basic care includes feeding the snake around once a week, changing the bedding as it gets dirty and keeping a supply of clean drinking water. If kept clean, well-fed and watered as well as housed at the proper temperature, your pet corn snake should remain healthy and happy. In the event that your snake gets seriously ill, a local veterinarian may be required.

Corn Snakes Are the Perfect Size

There are over 2900 species of snakes in the world. Snakes can range in size from between just 4 inches to around 30 feet. When corns hatch they are around a foot in length. They typically grow to measure between 4 and 6 feet at adulthood. Because of their smaller size in comparison to many other kinds of pets, they are typically easier to care for than say, a large dog. There are also lots of rentals which may allow small animals as pets other than dogs or cats.

Not Too Messy

Since corn snakes aren't overly large and don't eat as often as other kinds of animals, their cages are naturally more clean. Depending on the substrate kept in the cage, a corn snake cage may require cleaning just once a week or once every 2-3 weeks or more, depending on the size of the cage. They also don't smell the way a cat, dog, rodent or even bird would, and they're never going to chew on your furniture!

Various Morphs

Corn snakes are perhaps the most varied pet in terms of the many morphs that are available. Have you ever seen an albino dog? Not only do we have albino corn snakes, but there are so many cool variations that you wouldn't even be able to name them all. This gives a wide variety to the look of your snake, giving you a unique pet that's fun to look at and talk about.

Cool Factor

I love most kinds of animals. Reptiles and amphibians have always been the coolest ones to me. I mean, dogs and cats are nice, but a pet snake is just so much cooler.

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